Here's what our customers have to say:
"I have tried other companies in the area, but this one is by far the best. The service is always friendly and their quality can’t be matched. I recommend them to all my family and friends."
Eddie R.
Love the pastries and cakes here. Little expensive compared to the major grocery stores, however You get what you pay for.
Love the fact the cakes and icing are not super sweet like other places. Would definitely recommend.
Somesh Mehta
"I can’t say enough good things about this place. It’s a true neighborhood gem. Great prices, great selection and great service. What more can you ask for? I’ll definitely be using them again."
Chris P.
This is my favorite cake place in Phoenix . That’s because I like moist and mildly sweet cakes and they hit all the check boxes for me. I think they only makes sponge cakes & I always love the taste and lightness of those
Gokulan Sankaranarayanan
"We couldn’t be happier with our recent purchase and overall experience. Everyone from the company was a pleasure to deal with and you can’t beat their quality and selection. Five stars all the way!"
Angela W.
Great quality cake! We ordered a two tier cake for our daughters first birthday party. The cake was custom ordered and very well executed by European Bakery. No doubt it was an amazing tasting cake!! Order delivered on time at the venue. Worth for the money but I think they are expensive. Remains one of the highlights of our party. Definitely recommend!!
— Sandeep Gavara
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 Armenian natives David and Rose Kouyoumjian met in France almost 30 years ago and were engaged two days later. David has lived in the U.S. 42 years and moved to Arizona from Massachusetts. Luckily for Glendale and lovers of pastries, they decided 2½ years ago to open a bakery and sandwich shop on Bell Road. The Kouyoumjians do all the baking, from pastries to the breads used for their sandwiches. The sandwiches are hefty, like David himself (he blames his great food), so beware you don’t overdo it before you get to the pastries. You’ll kick yourself.

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While customers can certainly walk in to try some of the delicious and generous sandwiches that the cafe portion provides, customers often tend to be far more interested in the award winning bakery. It was voted the Best Phoenix Bakery in 2013 by Phoenix New Times and Barbara Yost of USA Today said that “European Bakery Serves Tiers of Joy.” These reviews should help entice anyone to come and try the treats.
European Bakery and Cafe is a family owned and operated cafe that dedicates itself to using the highest quality ingredients to bake some delicious treats. They make everything including cakes, pastries, breads, cookies, and more. These desserts are all made by hand according to recipes and techniques of the old European way. They want each customer who comes to enjoy something sweet to leave with a smile on their face. Customers find the service friendly and welcoming when they walk into the little cafe. While the interior is small, there are places to sit and enjoy those delicious treats.

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This family-owned bakery, from Armenian natives David and Rose Kouyoumjian, may have a West Valley address, but thanks to pastries from France, Armenia, Poland, Germany, Italy, and Hungary, the scene’s a sweetly international one. When the Kouyoumjians aren’t busy filling bakery cases with a colorful display of delicate tiered cakes, fruit-filled strudels, and crunchy cookies, they’re making loaves of fresh bread or packing premium cheeses, meats, and veggies into more than 10 kinds of massive sandwiches that won’t leave customers from any country going home hungry.