20 years of Family Tradition

  • European Specialty Cakes
  • French Inspired Pastries
  • Artisan Breads ( baked daily from scratch! )
  • Coffee from 100% Arabica Beans
3602 W. Bell Rd., Suite 3 | Glendale, Arizona 85308 | Phone: 602-439-0215

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Choosing A Great Scottsdale Restaurant Is Easy If You Know Where To Look

Finding new and exciting places to eat sometimes means just talking to friends, family and coworkers to get the inside scoop on good food in Scottsdale. With that said, there is one restaurant in Scottsdale that has quickly grown in popularity because of its dedication to quality ingredients and traditional baking practices. European Bakery and Café has gained a reputation throughout the community for excellent baked products that include everything from pastries to bread and cakes as well as cookies and many other types of delicious desserts.

Creating A Unique Customer Experience Each And Every Time

European Bakery and Café is a family owned and operated Scottsdale bakery with greater than two decades of combined experience in traditional baking practices. Incorporating only the best and highest quality ingredients available, European Bakery and Café has stood the test of time when it comes to keeping customers satisfied with quality baked products. Producing a unique customer experience each and every time, this Scottsdale Café makes bakery products the old-fashioned way with old world European-style.

High Quality Deli Meats And Cheeses

Even more impressive is the fact that bread is baked daily from scratch. This means that those who simply enjoy picking up a delectable loaf of bread can do so on a daily basis. It also means that those that enjoy having a sandwich made to order can enjoy a sandwich that features fresh bread and fresh cut ingredients. European Bakery and Café uses only high quality deli meats and cheeses that are imported as well as many domestic brands. In addition, the coffee that is served up is a proprietary blend that is specially roasted at a local roaster. Another important aspect of this tasty coffee is that it incorporates only 100% Arabica beans.

A Memorable And Enjoyable Experience Beyond Compare

European Bakery and Café offers freshly sliced bistro sandwiches and pastry products that are always handmade on premises. Wedding cakes and other types of cakes are made to order for almost any occasion imaginable. While the residents of Arizona and those living in Scottsdale have many choices when it comes to restaurants, European Bakery and Café offers a memorable and enjoyable experience beyond compare. Contact European Bakery and Café today to learn more about European-style pastries, cakes and cookies that are always mouthwatering and delightful.

Scottsdale Restaurants | Scottsdale Cakes | Scottsdale Restaurant | Cakes in Scottsdale
3602 W. Bell Rd., Suite 3 | Glendale, Arizona 85308 | Phone: 602-439-0215