20 years of Family Tradition

  • European Specialty Cakes
  • French Inspired Pastries
  • Artisan Breads ( baked daily from scratch! )
  • Coffee from 100% Arabica Beans
3602 W. Bell Rd., Suite 3 | Glendale, Arizona 85308 | Phone: 602-439-0215

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Discover A Mesa Restaurant That Exceeds Expectations

While there are many restaurants throughout Mesa and the greater Phoenix metropolitan area, only a select handful of them truly deliver unique and inspiring quality. For example, one café in Mesa that has earned a reputation throughout the community for quality and great tasting food is European Bakery and Café. This Mesa bakery exceeds customer’s expectations on a daily basis. With a wide range of delicious pastries, cakes, cookies and other types of desserts, this is a clear choice for those that expect the best in bakery products.

The Best Quality Domestic And Imported Cheeses And Meats

As a family owned and operated café in Mesa with more than 20 years of combined total experience in the industry, European Bakery and Cafe has stood the test of time. This respected bakery maintains a philosophy of using only top-quality ingredients as a way to produce exceptional cakes, breads, pastries and sandwiches. In addition, European Bakery and Cafe offers mouthwatering coffee that is roasted locally and made from 100% Arabica beans. Equally impressive is the fact that the sandwiches are made from the best quality domestic and imported cheeses and meats. Each sandwich is made of ingredients that are cut fresh to order.

Wedding Cakes And Pastries

Considered by many throughout Phoenix and even across the state as one of the best gourmet pastry producers in the region, European Bakery and Cafe has gained a favorable reputation throughout the community. This delightful restaurant has even been voted best Phoenix bakery for 2013. Featuring a wide variety of high quality wedding cakes and pastries, the bakery has served the needs of many wedding planners over the years. While there is a multitude of restaurants in Mesa, few can compare to the level of quality that is achieved on a daily basis by European Bakery and Café.

Carefully Handcrafted Masterpieces That Offer Quality And Taste

European Bakery and Cafe features mouthwatering sandwiches that include everything from pastrami sandwiches to ham and Swiss as well as black forest and chicken salad. These are not your ordinary sandwiches but carefully handcrafted masterpieces that offer quality and taste that brings customers back day after day. Choosing a quality Mesa bakery can be as easy as contacting or visiting European Bakery and Cafe today. Explore all that this amazing bakery and Café has to offer with friends and family today.

Mesa Cakes | Restaurants in Mesa AZ | Cakes in Mesa AZ | Restaurants Mesa AZ
3602 W. Bell Rd., Suite 3 | Glendale, Arizona 85308 | Phone: 602-439-0215